Flame Stock

Flame Stock is a footage library unlike any other, in that it’s been built by producers for producers.

Our distinctive content is sourced from outstanding productions aired throughout the world and across the media landscape. As we source our material directly from producers and content creators, our library is not only broadcast quality, it also tracks the full story of the subject at hand.

Using the raw material from these productions, Flame’s dedicated clip team scrub, clip, grade and polish the footage in order to produce top quality stock vision. We specialise in providing full GVs and B-roll for productions, saving producers time and money while also delivering the rare and elusive content that makes top quality shows and video.

These clip narratives are all high-quality video that will make editing and adding stock footage to your project both straightforward and seamless.

For further information please contact:

Alasdair Dolan, Flame Stock’s Manager: adolan@flamedistribution.com