Flame Distribution’s Latest Catalog Features Cute Animal Content

During the pandemic, viewers of content on the ground and in the air are seeking uplifting content that offers an opportunity for escapism, according to Kirsten Cargill, Flame Distribution’s VP of Content Sales. The company is answering this need with feel-good animal content.

With pandemic pet adoption rates continuing to soar and a recent study from the University of Leeds and Tourism Western Australia finding that watching cute animal videos online might actually be good for your health, adorable animals are definitely having a moment.

Looking to take that trend to new heights in 2021 and beyond, Flame Distribution’s newly available slate of cute animal content should be just what pandemic-weary passengers ordered.

“There is a lot of enthusiasm and optimism about the coming year, as well as a shift towards more aspirational and positive stories when it comes to programming.” – Kirsten Cargill, Flame Distribution’s VP of Content Sales

First up is Iberia’s Woodlands from Paleartic Films and Azor Producciones. Shot over a year in the forests of Spain and Portugal, Woodlands reveals the many challenges faced by the native creatures that call this region home.

Dogsville tells the true story of a mutt that is found abandoned at a horse auction and ends up competing against the best purebred dogs in the world at the Agility World Championship in the Netherlands.

Also sure to engender positive reactions from animal video fans everywhere is Quoll Farmfrom Wild Creatures Films and Smith & Nasht Productions. Focusing on the true story of a family of quolls (which are marsupials with the cuteness factor of a mouse/rabbit hybrid) living on an abandoned farm in Tasmania, Farm follows the efforts of one man fighting to save this endangered species from extinction.

Noting that there has been a genuine sense of excitement for the year ahead coming from buyers, Kirsten Cargill, Flame Distribution’s VP of Content Sales, said that Flame is looking to meet those expectations head on with upbeat, uplifting content like Woodlands and Farm.

“There is a lot of enthusiasm and optimism about the coming year, as well as a shift towards more aspirational and positive stories when it comes to programming,” Cargill said. “So, we will continue to source inspiring content that will provide viewers with a form of escapism and well-needed uplift.”

Other newly available Flame titles include Mobile MD from Harmony Media Archive Inc., which follows a family doctor who takes her practice on the road in the Canadian prairies; the timely royal watcher documentary Harry and Meghan: The Next Step; and the Flame-produced food and travel series Greece with My Son. Featuring Australian celebrity chef and self-professed Grecophile, Lyndey Milan, traversing the scenic Peloponnese region of Greece by car with her son, Greece is sure to capture the imaginations of those who haven’t traveled by plane, or even a car, for months.

Cargill points to Flame’s recently finalized deals for such series as Outback Truckers, Big Fish Big Adventure, Seeing Canada, Seeing U.S.A. and Billionaire Weekend, as further proof of Flame’s continuing efforts to bring fun, adventure and travel in-flight entertainment to carriers everywhere.

“Despite the recent turbulence the world has experienced, and the impact this has had on industries and personal lives,” Cargill said. “We believe that come next year, people will be craving travel and entertainment more than ever before.”