Flame opens a Window into the World in Times of Confinement

From adventure to wildlife, lifestyle, food and travel, environment, kids’ content and more; Flame Distribution offers a catalog of entertaining and educational stories, that provide the perfect escape for audiences worldwide during the pandemic.

Established almost a decade ago in 2011 as the distribution division of Flame Media, Flame Distribution has grown to become a leading global distribution company, specializing in high-end factual entertainment and documentary programming across a broad range of genres.

With offices in Sydney, London and New York, the distributor is able to take its content to all corners of the globe. “We sell to all territories”, Fiona Gilroy, Content Sales & Acquisitions Director, Flame Distribution, said to ttvnews, highlighting key markets such as the UK, Europe and North America.

“We do well with our content in Spanish language territories”, she added, explaining that those territories tend to favour cooking content such as Food Safari and shows dealing with human interest or health issues, like How Not To Get Cancer? and Love Me As I Am.

And when it comes to acquisitions, the company is also open to working with multiple international partners. “We tend to work with content that is created in English language countries like the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, but if the content is well produced it could come from anywhere,” she explained

“We are also very much involved with the development, financing and co-production of content and as such, work very closely with a plethora of producers to create new shows for the international market,” she added.

This international approach to acquiring and creating content has allowed the company to put together a catalog of over 4,000 hours of programming, featuring 1,130 titles to date. “And we represent 200 producers worldwide,” the executive explained.

Not only vast, Flame Distribution’s catalog also stands out for its variety, offering “everything from History, Science, Crime, Environment, Sport, Food/Travel, through to Adventure, Wildlife, Lifestyle, Kids edutainment and much more,” Gilroy said.

“With this breadth of offerings, and ensuring the content is produced to high-quality, we have extended our reach into a multitude of territories, catering to broadcasters and the multi-platforms,” she added.

Factual entertainment has also become one of the main trends in television during the pandemic, as audiences seek both entertainment and information in these times of quarantine.

“Buyers are looking for positive stories,” the executive noted. “We are getting interest in content that sees people over-coming adversity or rags to riches stories like Outback Opal Hunters – where there is possibility to make a life changing find.”

“While big characters, drama and jeopardy are definitely needed, the post-Covid world is all about positive storytelling and aspirational content”, she explained.

To meet this demand, Flame Distribution is participating in Mipcom Online+ to showcase a selection of “exciting new factual entertainment shows”, suited for all types of audiences, starting with Quoll Farm (1 x 60’) produced by Wild Creatures Films and Smith & Nasht, which tells the true story of a family of quolls (a type of marsupial native to Australia and New Guinea) living on an abandoned farm in Tasmania, and one man’s devotion to save an endangered species from extinction.

In addition, shot across an entire year in the Mediterranean forests of Spain and Portugal, Iberia’s Woodlands (2 x 60’) produced by Paleartic Films & Azor Producciones) reveals the challenges faced by the astounding and rare creatures that make this unique environment their home.

In Mobile MD (6 x 30’/ Harmony Media Archive Inc.), family physician Dr Samantha Henley knows that many people in remote and rural areas don’t have easy access to healthcare. She takes her practice on the road to the Canadian prairies to treat many patients with chronic and potentially life threating illnesses.

Last but not least, Icemen: 200 Years in Antarctica (1 x 52 min/ 5th Element Expeditions) sees adventurer Geoff Wilson come to better understand the Antarctic explorers who came before him like Amundsen, Scott, Shackleton, Mawson, Phillips, Ousland and Horn and to set some records of his own as he takes us on a physically hard and emotionally gripping adventure across the ice.

Flame Distribution will also be present at the upcoming MIPCancun through specialist sales agent David Albareda and his team at Devised.