Flame will be attending APEX Expo 2016 in Singapore.

Flame will be attending APEX Expo 2016 in Singapore. Fiona Gilroy, Elslyn Lua and Chris Hampson will be on hand to discuss content suitable for Inflight. You will find the Flame team at Booth #929.

Flame has up to 300 hours of new content available along with a versatile catalogue.  Some highlights of the catalogue are:

Outback Pilots, 8 x 1hr. Produced by Prospero Productions

From the producers of Outback Truckers and Railroad Australia comes another tale of endurance, risk-taking and daredevilry. Outback Pilots is a 13 part series about modern-day ‘guns for hire’. These pilots play a vital role in the ‘do-or-die’ frontier world of the Australian outback, from providing emergency services to delivering essential supplies to isolated communities. Flying at death-defying heights, dodging killer cyclones and battling rough, dirt landing strips, this is some of the most challenging and exhilarating aerial work in the world.

Redesign My Brain, 3 x 1hr (plus format). Produced by Mindful Media

In 2013 Todd Simpson put brain training to the test in the ground-breaking series Redesign My Brain. This unique, transformative and interactive experience ended up as one of the most watched Australian science documentary series. Todd continues this incredible journey in Redesign My Brain, Series 2: Becoming more adaptable, sharpening the senses and becoming brave

Bahama Blue, 6 x 46 min. Produced by Parallax Film Productions Inc

Bahama Blue is an innovative series that explores the islands of the Bahamas in a search for wildlife. Past the white sand beaches and beneath idyllic turquoise water lies one of the fiercest natural habitats in the world.  Its picture perfect beauty draws us into a world where life and death unfold in natural and sometimes horrifying order. The series focuses on how this struggle plays out within the unique geographical features of the Bahamas including mangroves, deep blue water, sand flats, coral, as well as caves and blue holes - features that both define and interact with the diverse wildlife.

Travel Safe Not Sorry, 5 x 1hr. Produced by Stornoway Enterprises

How do you complete your bucket list – without kicking the bucket? Host Tobias Scott shows viewers how to take the fear out of trying new things while still enjoying adventure travel and extreme activities. Whether it’s climbing a 100-foot ice wall, paragliding off a rocky cliff, or exploring underwater caves, we discover that some of the crazy things we’ve always wanted to try aren’t as crazy as they seem – as long as they’re done right.