Flame Advisory

Flame Advisory’s mission is to assist Producers and broadcasters in the financing of their programming and the structuring of their finances. The Advisory division provides assistance in: 

- Accessing Government, Industry and Philanthropic funding 
- Finding Co-Production partners 
- Finding appropriate TV platforms to satisfy sponsorship requirements 
- Accessing production loans 
- Accessing equity to invest in the copyright of productions where the secondary sale rights might have value 
- Evaluation of the foreign exchange risks involved in cross border transactions and assistance in minimizing FX transaction costs 
- Other areas relevant to the funding of TV productions 

The proliferation of broadcasting platforms has inevitably brought about the situation where a proposed production quite often requires financial structuring as well as production skills. Flame Advisory has assembled a team with the financial structuring skills necessary to help producers succeed in today’s environment. 

The Advisory division works for Producers with on a success basis. In the absence of a successful transaction, no fee will be charged. 

Flame Advisory division also provides assistance to those producers who wish to sell their business, merge with another business or take over other businesses ("M & A"). Flame Advisory works in conjunction with Yefira Pte Ltd of Singapore in the M & A business.