Flame Distribution Unveils Miptv Programming Slate

Flame Distribution will be presenting over 100 hours of new programming from a robust slate of documentary and factual content during the upcoming Digital MIPTV market.

“We have a stellar line-up for this market. The pandemic has definitely propelled the demand for content especially relating to nature and wildlife to a whole new level. Working closely with various producers and seeing how they have creatively navigated the filming of these productions reminds us of how privileged we are to work in such an incredible industry,” said Fiona Gilroy, Content Sales & Acquisitions Director, Flame Distribution.


Flame will be shining a light on the premium 3 part documentary series Life in Colour with David Attenborough, presented by the world-renowned natural history icon as he reveals the extraordinary ways that animals use colour. Using new camera technologies viewers can now see colours usually invisible to our eyes. From the UV signals on a butterfly’s wings, to the strange polarisation patterns sported by a mantis shrimp, and more, this is a visual feast for audiences worldwide. Produced by Humble Bee Films and SeaLight Pictures for the BBC, Netflix, Channel 9 and Stan.

Whilst Yellowstone: Super Volcanoes (1 x 90’/2 x 50’) explores a powerful threat that lies seven miles below America’s most famous National Park, Yellowstone. With catastrophic global consequence, a super-eruption at Yellowstone could trigger an ice age event causing long-lasting climate change, plunging the world into a nuclear winter, destroying crops and impacting the global economy. Produced by Wildflame Productions for Discovery+ and Channel 5.

The catalogue also features a selection of new factual titles such as The Bizarre Pet Vets (6 x 1 hr) produced by Metamorflix for Channel 9, which sees Dr James Haberfield and his team apply their exotic expertise to treat the most bizarre and beloved animals in Australia. This is an unusual clinic where no two creatures are the same.

Flame will be debuting Kids: An Instruction Manual (6 x ½ hours) produced by Ruckus Productions for TVNZ, which offers viewers a unique insight into six relatable parenting issues including sleeping, differing parenting styles, solo parenting, kids on devices, anxiety and temperament. A psychologist places six families into a hi-tech observation house capturing real moments of family life, and then takes them through his ‘instruction manual’. The series is also available to be licensed as a format.

And finally, the all new Outback Truckers Specials (3 x 1hr). From extreme heat, deadly bushfires to life threatening breakdowns in the back of beyond, these specials based on the hit series, capture the real-life dramas of truckers as they race deadlines and the elements to deliver on time. Produced by Prospero Productions.