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I, Pedophile

Pedophiles have long been the most demonised people in society. New research is showing that understanding the condition is the first step in lowering instances of child sexual abuse.  Pedophilia expert Dr. James Cantor’s ground-breaking and controversial hypothesis that pedophilia is a developmental disorder in the brain resulting in sexual attraction to children, attempts to demystify the cause of pedophilia. This documentary does not seek to vilify or condemn pedophiles or to undermine the concerns and fears of parents or society but rather to understand pedophilia and its cause. Dr. Cantor visits The Prevention Project Dunkelfeld (Dark Field) in Germany which is the only facility in the world which offers truly anonymous treatment for people attracted to children. The project’s slogan is “You are not guilty because of your sexual desire, but you are responsible for your sexual behaviour. There is help! Don’t become an offender!” While pedophilia refers to the sexual attraction to children, child molester is the term applied to people who act on their attraction. “Not every pedophile is a child molester and not every child molester is a pedophile”, says Dr. James Cantor. At one point in time, every pedophilic individual is a non-offending pedophile. The challenge is to make sure that a pedophile remains non-offending.

  • Genre:
    Crime | Documentary
  • Broadcaster:
    CBC, Canada
  • Producer:
    Cogent Benger Productions
  • Duration:
    1 x 52’
  • Format: