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Inside Luxury Travel

Varun Sharma has made his name with this glamorous series on the Travel Channel, but for the first time is producing this show himself without the Scripps network. Varun takes the audience with him as he explores amazing luxury resorts around the world, taking in the local sights along the way and visiting the chefs in the resort kitchens to get a glimpse of what their guests like to eat.

The first series sees Varun at fabulous resorts in Greece, Bali, Abu Dhabi, Russia, Spain, the Caribbean, Prague, London and Oman.

In the second series Varun explores Cambodia and Vietnam, Athens, Shanghai and the Maldives.

  • Genre:
    Adventure | Travel
  • Producer:
    Dolce Vita Productions
  • Duration:
    S1: 10 x 60’, S2: 5 x 60'
  • Format: