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Messenger On A White Horse

Argentina’s 1976-83 dictatorship was one of Latin America’s most gruesome. Under the guise of a war on communism, the ruling Armed Forces tortured and “disappeared” thousands of young left-wing students, activists and militants, leaving a trail of devastation that would haunt the country for decades. But a soft-spoken journalist named ROBERT COX had the courage to speak out. Over 4 years, the London-born editor published hundreds of articles about the military’s crimes in “The Buenos Aires Herald”, a small English-language daily newspaper with a history of defiance against censorship. Thanks to Cox, the world learned about the “disappeared ones” and their brave mothers, the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo. But his work would come at a cost. The military murdered dozens of journalists in Argentina during its 8-year reign. Years of threats and intimidation against Cox culminated in a sinister threat sent to his 10-year-old son in December 1979. Cox was forced to abandon the country with his young family. His exile would be permanent. And the fate of many of the people he tried to save would remain a mystery to him for decade

  • Genre:
  • Producer:
    Jayson Mcnamara
  • Duration:
    Auxiliary: 1 x 75' ; TV: 1 x 60'; Feature: 1 x 90'
  • Format: