Flame Ventures In To The World Of Celtic Graves, Oscar Wilde, And Australian Origins As Well As Artificial Intelligence!

Flame Distribution has acquired worldwide distribution rights to a selection of high-end documentary specials as well as a compelling doc feature to be presented to international buyers over the coming months.

Three documentary specials being offered include Secrets of the Celtic Grave, The Man Who Destroyed Oscar Wilde and Our African Roots.

Flame is handling worldwide sales (outside of US, UK/Eire) to Secrets of the Celtic Grave (1 x 46 min/ 1 x 84 min) produced by Wildflame Productions for Smithsonian Channel and S4C. Mysterious ancient objects uncovered in Wales trigger a major archaeological investigation that reveals the grave of a Celtic warrior buried in a richly decorated chariot and other treasures. Dated to one of the bloodiest periods of history, the Roman invasion of Britain and Queen Boudica’s revolt, the site also reveals a long-forgotten hillfort. This documentary follows the unique excavation from start to finish using the latest CGI and dramatic reconstruction.

Securing worldwide rights (outside of UK/Eire) to The Man Who Destroyed Oscar Wilde (1 x 60’) a Hole in the Wall Gang production for BBC Northern Ireland whereby Merlin Holland, grandson of Oscar Wilde, tells the epic story of the famous playwright’s downfall at the hands of the man who he once called an ‘Old friend’ and fellow Irishman, Edward Carson.

And Our African Roots (1 x 60’) by Chemical Media for SBS. Flame has worldwide rights (outside of Australia) to this jaw-dropping programme about Australia’s history and one that will fundamentally re-cast the way the nation sees itself, that reveals modern Australia’s origin story to be a complex, multicultural and multiracial affair.

Finally, Flame has acquired the rights to a mind-blowing documentary feature film Machine (1 x 85’) for worldwide TV distribution (outside of North America) produced by The Finch Company. This eye-opening film talks to world-renowned experts who are creating, researching and controlling Artificial Intelligence. Exploring the key issues at stake – AI companions, the dilemma of driverless cars, autonomous warfare, using AI to create human super-intelligence and the very real possibility of a Robot Apocalypse, Machine looks not only at the practical applications of the technology, but also the ethical questions raised by these new developments.

Fiona Gilroy, Content Sales & Acquisitions Director, Flame Distribution said, “Time seems to be a key aspect of these documentaries – whether it’s looking at past events through a new lens or looking into the future as we see the shape of things to come, with exciting discoveries and revelations that we know will have broad appeal. And although we can’t turn back the hands of time, we are also pleased to mention that our co-founder John Caldon was posthumously awarded a

Medal of the Order of Australia this month by the Australian Government for his service to business through media content distribution, something the Flame team are all immensely proud of.”